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VivaVideo is a name that is probably not too strange to users anymore. Because this application is the most popular application on the mobile platform. With many professional video editing features like on computers, this application has attracted a large number of users. Released in 2014 up to now, it is almost 7 years old. Collected hundreds of millions of downloads on the Android operating system platform. During the 4-year journey of construction and development, this App has been constantly renewed and updated to be able to attract more users. Besides, we can not help but mention the extremely useful features that this application brings to users. At the same time, a free application will not cost you anything to download the application.

Download VivaVideo Mod – The best video editing application on the android platform

VivaVideo Mod gives users extremely interesting editing features. Unlock features that the regular version you are limited to and cannot use. However, with basic entertainment needs and to meet the creation of a professional video on the phone. The regular version still gives users a great experience. With the development of technology like now, your phone is equipped with an application with professional video editing features. So really anywhere, anytime you can produce extremely quality videos. To be able to post on social networking sites to show off to your friends. At the same time, your editing is also extremely simple so you can edit videos in just a few minutes.

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Why should you choose ViVa Video?

Currently, there are many video editing applications on mobile, but you can hardly find an application like ViVa video. Because most of today’s video editing applications only have basic editing features. Like: Cut, merge, dub music….vv….But there can’t be professional editing features like this app. In addition to professional video editing features, you can also record high-quality videos right on the application. Especially, you can export videos in HD, Full HD, and maybe even 4k quality. And that is the reason why I choose this App. And you? Leave a comment below to let me know.

Various powerful editing tools

VivaVideo is integrated with today’s leading video editing tools. With various visual effects. You can create extremely magical videos right on your mobile phone. Usually, people will think that only on PC can we edit professional and good-quality videos. But no, because today technology has developed extremely strong and with it, publishers hit the user’s psychology a lot. Because each of us needs convenience and flexibility. Equipped with professional editing tools such as Remove fonts, various transition effects, various typefaces…etc…And many more features that I cannot tell you all in this article. Download the app and slowly explore.

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To be able to keep a large number of users and constantly add new users. The publisher QuVideo Inc. Best Video Editor & Video Maker App has continuously updated and innovated as well as equipped with many new extremely new features. However, one thing that I feel is not satisfied is that the manufacturer has not yet recovered. That is, you cannot edit videos longer than 5p. This is quite a disadvantage of the application. However, editing short videos also bring great experiences.

VivaVideo has made it possible for users to create high-quality, magical videos in a simple way. The important thing is that this is a completely free application. You can download it on Android and ios platforms easily. However, in the normal version you will not be able to remove the manufacturer’s logo, cannot edit videos longer than 5p.

Download VivaVideo Mod Apk for Android, iOS

Besides, many features are still limited. To get a better quality video, immediately download the VivaVideo Mod version to your device to unlock all VIP, edit videos longer than 5p right away.