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Tiny Archers Mod is an action game, with a fighting style. Take players into the battle of the angels, with the task of fighting the green demons. In particular, you will enjoy a unique space and discover many mysterious stories behind it. The battle was extremely dramatic, with the continuous attack of the goblins. You must come up with the right tactics to protect the kingdom from danger. Your character will be equipped with a bow and arrow to make an attack tool. Causes enemies to be destroyed from afar and unable to enter the city.

Download Tiny Archers Mod – Fight Against Green Demons

The setting takes place in a beautiful kingdom, located in the middle of vast forests. This place is protected by 4 powerful warriors, including Adam, Narin, Lilly, and Ben. However, this beautiful land has been targeted by green goblins, who want to rob the kingdom of their own. The leader of the blue demon led the goblins to attack the kingdom. Joining Tiny Archers Mod, the player will become Adam, with the task of guarding the city gate. You will have to use the bow and arrow to attack the goblins before it enters the city gate. They will attack in turn and without stopping, making you focus on observing and attacking as soon as they appear. If you let an arrow pass through the arrows, they will advance to the base of the defense tower where you stand. Then the warrior will be very dangerous and can be attacked when the demons have more allies.Tiny Archers Mod

Detailed instructions

At first, Tiny Archers Mod will guide you in detail about character control operations. You just need to use your finger to touch and swipe on the screen, to direct the shot at the enemy. However, they will not stand still waiting for you to attack. Therefore, players need to quickly observe and adjust the direction of the arrow flexibly. Combined with distance alignment and accurate aiming. During the battle, to be able to defeat the enemy with a single arrow. Players can accurately shoot their heads. That will save time as well as the number of arrows. Or you can choose a simpler attack, but also very effective. It was shot in the legs of the green goblins, causing them to stand motionless for a moment. This is your chance to take them down with the next arrow.Game Tiny Archers Mod

The difficulty will increase gradually

Every day you will kill a lot of different goblins to complete the mission. The higher you go, the more difficult the Tiny Archers Mod will be. Then the goblins will be equipped with additional armor or shields to defend your arrows. Along with that, players will also be supported with other combat tools. For example, armor-piercing arrows will help you break through shields and kill enemies quickly. Or boiling oil, used to pour over the goblins trying to row to the defensive tower where you are standing. However, you need to use them sparingly, because they are limited. In addition, your real enemy is the giant green demon in the back, he usually appears at the end of the game. Possesses great strength and body, plus a lot of blood.Tai Tiny Archers Mod

Unlock new heroes

After completing 24 days of fighting with the character Adam. Tiny Archers Mod will unlock new warriors, help you discover and accompany them in the next battles. Each warrior has their own strength, they have certain advantages in each fight. So you need to find out and overcome their advantages and disadvantages. That will help you exploit the full power of the warrior in the match. In addition, players need to upgrade weapons for their character. By going to the blacksmith, ask them to upgrade and improve the arrows. Along with that, the game owns a lot of new types of bows, you can unlock them. By using the money earned after completing the match, then each arrow fired will deal great damage to the enemy.Download Tiny Archers Mod

Combine bright 3D graphics, with many vivid colors. Players will be an adventure in a unique space. Here Tiny Archers Mod provides a lot of new battle maps for you to explore. From the green forest outside the kingdom, the ELF city, the mines to the dead graveyard. Each place will have a mystery behind it, you will learn and discover. Besides, people will be participating in many different game modes. And it is possible through the online mode to join everyone in the battles in the new model.