Sonic Forces Mod APK 4.3.1 (Menu, God Mode, Run Fast, Fly) Download – Designs 10

Sonic Forces Mod is an adventure game released by SEGA, the most famous video game company in Japan. Inspired by the movie Sonic The Hedgehog that has achieved great success, SEGA has released a game version called Sonic Forces with non-stop running gameplay that will bring exciting feelings to participants. family. Currently, the game is developed based on two platforms IOS and Android, making it easy for players to access and free to download on the App Store and Google Play. Besides, when you download the Speed ​​Mod on our site, you will experience running at a very fast speed on the track.

Download Sonic Forces Mod – Join Unlimited Races

Join Sonic Forces Mod, players will be entering endless races with other players, your task is to control your hedgehog to compete, collect gold coins and finish first to win. Character control is also quite simple, players only need to use their fingers to swipe left and right to navigate away, and the character will always run forward. However, in the race, while maintaining a high speed you will encounter many challenges and difficulties to overcome. Like dodging obstacles, it will not be easy, but it also requires your reflexes.Sonic Forces Mod

Collect gold rings

Sonic Forces Mod with non-stop running gameplay, you will have to collect golden rings and stand up to fight the evil Dr. Robotnik. Besides, players can participate in multiplayer mode, then you can compete with many other players in the world. Besides in the track, the player can use the racing cars to go through the vast maps like the city crashing through the sky reserve. In addition, players can attack Lightning, Tornadoes, Fireballs, … and rely on the actual situation to create an advantage for themselves.

Character system

Sonic Forces Mod owns a diverse character system with many heroes such as Omega, Vector, each character will have different color and shape characteristics. The gold rings that you collect are used to unlock characters and upgrade them to become stronger. Besides, after each completed mission, players will receive bonuses and experience points to help their character be increased to a higher level. Become a great athlete, overcome every track and put your name on the leaderboard of the game.

Game Sonic Forces Mod

Graphics and sound

Hack Sonic Forces have a sharp 3D graphic design style, the character design of Sonic and his friends is meticulously and detailed to help players feel clear. Quality images and fierce racing screens give players a feeling of real life. With attractive magic effects and challenging bendy maps, it creates exciting and fierce races. Combined with quality sound and fun music melodies contribute to giving players a sense of excitement when participating.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Sonic Forces, players will experience a fast speed feature that helps you explore the racetrack with opponents much faster than them. The game is entertaining to help players have relaxing moments when participating, download Sonic Forces Mod to experience dramatic races with Sonic the hedgehog to overcome the game’s challenges and enter his name. I’m on the leaderboard.