Metal Slug Attack Mod APK 7.8.0 (Unlimited Energy, No CD) – Designs 10

Metal Slug Attack Mod, is an action game released by SNK CORPORATION. Since its launch now, the game has attracted a large number of downloads from gamers around the world. Because the diverse and unique gameplay has brought interesting feelings when participating.

For players to easily access, currently the game is developed on the Android platform, especially players can download for free on the Google Play app, helping you not have to spend money to buy, just download and experience. Download Metal Slug Attack Mod to have the most enjoyable experience when participating.

You are stressed, tired after a hard-working day, join Metal Slug Attack Mod. Because this is a game that helps you reduce stress, entertain in your spare time, and have excellent gameplay with gentle, beautiful 2D graphics. With the epic scene, vivid sound, diverse characters, and many quests for you to clear the island.

Entering the game, through the miniature screen you will be traveling to many places around the world, discovering about them. So what are you waiting for, quickly download the Metal Slug Attack Mod right away to your computer to be free to explore? Gain experience through your travels and learn more about the fun of this game!


Simulation game

Metal Slug Attack Mod’s tactical style is low defense. You will become a commander, leading an elite army to join the battle. With your talent, you have the task of controlling and leading soldiers to achieve the goal of defeat and occupation when the enemy base passes the round. In addition to his clever gameplay, weapons and characters also play a very important role in determining the victory of the army.

To upgrade your character as well as weapons, you must actively destroy your opponent, this helps you accumulate AP points (base currency) quickly and easily. The battle goes on dramatically until one of the two towers is destroyed, this will mark the victory of your army or the enemy.

Diverse game modes

Although Hack Metal Slug Attack is not the original version, it is extremely diverse in-game modes including main mode Attack, Combat School or Special Ops, or Team Battle. Not only the variety of game modes, methods, and rules of each different mode are also extremely attractive and attract the audience. However, you don’t need to worry too much that the game mode will cause difficulties for beginners.

The game will provide instructional text for each mode you choose while playing. For example, the mode Combat School (training school) helps you train your thinking ability. And develop a strategy and better understand the cards that provide a strong foundation before fighting opponents.

Army soldiers, weapons

To win the battle, you need to have a good strategy and have a suitable army of soldiers. Because Metal Slug Attack Mod is a goalkeeper game, the importance of soldiers is even more important. In the game, the publisher has made many different teams of soldiers, with different features such as troops for close-range attacks.

Or an army of soldiers for the long-range attack to support the army of soldiers fighting close-range. Just like in other games, as the levels increase, the more powerful the enemy is, so you need to upgrade now. And recruiting more powerful soldiers, not forever, soldiers holding pistols. Instead, the army of soldiers used machine guns and was equipped with armored vehicles, flamethrowers to be able to fight more easily.Download METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod

Vivid 2D graphics

Metal Slug Attack Mod game is designed in 2D, not because the publisher cannot make 3D games, but because this game is only the best when it is a 2D game. The publisher has succeeded in depicting the battle scene clearly, creating a feeling for the player to feel like participating in a real battle. With vivid sounds such as the sound of bombs, tanks, … and more, the gameplay is clearly depicted. Like battlefields, we have seen and seen in some newspaper or history book. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading Metal Slug Attack Mod for the same experience?

When players download the Mod version of Metal Slug Attack, they will experience interesting and attractive features. Unlimited AP features, allowing you to equip a team of powerful soldiers and accompanying combat equipment without worrying about having to earn AP. The quick cooldown feature makes it possible for your troops to use their most powerful moves without interruption when fighting.

And finally the no ads feature, will help you have a smooth, non-stop experience during dramatic skirmishes. Moreover, this game is also very entertaining, helping you to relieve stress after hard working days. Download the Metal Slug Attack Mod game now to join the battle right away.