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Has the same gameplay and texture as the legendary GTA action game. Being called by players with the name is GTA’s younger brother. Surely many people do not know what the game I am talking about and about to introduce to everyone today is right. That is Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod, a really talented son of Rockstar Games. Inheriting and developing after the success of the older brother GTA. This gameplay, when born, quickly caught up with the modern game trend and was popular on both android and ios platforms, something that GTA had not been able to do before. Belongs to the genre of action shooting game combined with racing. You need to skillfully combine these 3 skills to be able to achieve the highest achievement. Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City now and experience it right away.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod – Become the hegemony of the city

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod throws you into a city where you are the most powerful as well as the most powerful. You will be playing a tycoon who has just been released from prison and is preparing to carry out super classic business deals. In this city, you will be free to do what you like, even illegal actions. Go in your car around the city. Make fun of pretty girls, take whatever you like. However, these things are not big enough to prove the influence and power of the boss. friend. Plan and execute classic business missions. Or you can also join the gangs and perform fascinating missions.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City mod

System of missions and attractive rewards thưởng

She has countless tasks waiting for you to perform along with super valuable gifts. It’s amazing because your lover is the daughter of the biggest drug lord in the world. This will greatly help your plan to conquer the city. Become a drug lord or a tycoon in the field of debt collection, or you can also form a gang that specializes in stealing. However, when you perform these missions, the same That means the cops will keep an eye on you. And if your number of stars reaches level 5, you will definitely be chased by police all over the city.

Modern vehicles and weapons

There are all kinds of weapons as well as modern vehicles in the GTA game. In addition, this gameplay is also integrated and equipped with many other extremely modern weapons along with a series of extremely expensive supercars. To be able to own the most powerful weapons, you need to have a certain amount of gold coins. However, when new to the game, making money is not easy at all. You will get money by completing quests or you can also earn money from in-game trade. Stealing cars in the city and selling them at pawnshops will also give you a lot of money.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City game mod

Realistic graphics, vivid sound

Although this is a mobile game, the image quality is highly appreciated and this is really a highlight of this game. Running on a 3D graphics platform with meticulously designed and sharp visual details, this game is not inferior to its brother GTA at all. In addition, the sound quality is also very good, the background music effect and the killing effect as well as the gun sound effect are extremely realistic. Give players the best experience.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod Apk cho Android, iOS, PC

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is really a great success for the Rockstar Games network. I was really surprised and excited because, on the mobile platform, there is such a perfect game. Hack Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a much higher level version than the regular version because in this version players will feel a lot easier when you have a large amount of money to be able to spend at will. More specifically, making your journey to dominate the city easier.