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Epic Heroes War Mod is a game that perfectly combines role-playing and fighting elements. You play as one of the talented generals. With a large body, with strong fighting ability. Possessing infinite skills, equipped with unique weapons. Can deal massive damage to enemies. Your mission is an adventure on a challenging journey. Constantly fighting and striving for self-development. Not only fighting alone, but you can also summon soldiers to join the battle. Lead your army to defeat all enemies. Win to move on to the next battle. At the same time have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. For example equipment, items, and bonuses.

Download Epic Heroes War Mod – Become a General to Participate in Battles

The gameplay of Epic Heroes War Mod takes place in an attractive 1vs1 style. This is a battle between two generals. Fight against each other on the battlefield, with the goal of defeating the enemy. Not only that, each general can summon an army of elite soldiers. Equipped with powerful weapons, bring many different fighting styles. However, soldiers do not appear on their own, they need summoning generals to be able to join the battle. Likewise, your enemies possess a variety of fighting moves. With effective support from the army, equipped with many different weapons. If you want to win, you need the right combination of combat skills and strategy. Harness the full power of the general, and make effective use of the combat ability of the soldiers. From there, easily defeat the enemy and win a glorious victory.Epic Heroes War Mod

Note when using skills and summoning soldiers

During the battle of Epic Heroes War Mod. Players need to pay attention to skills when using and monitoring the character’s health. Each skill will consume a certain amount of mana. Although it is restored over time, continuous use will drain mana. This puts you in danger in battle. It is even possible to be attacked by the enemy without being able to defend. Makes you lose a lot of life, moreover, you can lose. Besides, each time summoning soldiers will need a certain amount of energy. However, you cannot summon continuously. It will take a short time for mana to recover and complete a minion cycle. After that, you can continue to summon soldiers to join the battle.Epic Heroes War Mod APK

At the beginning of the war, the strength of the soldiers

Start Epic Heroes War Mod by playing the role of general Odysseus. You summon an elite army, join the fight with the enemy. Use the ax as a weapon, and use special skills to attack the enemy army. The goal of defeating the boss, has a large form. In the process, the two sides will plunge into constant combat. The war only ends until one of the two sides is completely defeated. Although minions don’t have as high damage as the vanguard. But the large number can cause the enemy to lose a certain amount of health. In particular, soldiers are like a protective shield, helping you to prevent the attack from enemy forces. It is also possible to gain an advantage on the battlefield when directly attacking the boss.Epic Heroes War Mod

Online battle mode

Not only fighting with enemies, but Epic Heroes War Mod also takes you to online battles. Here, there are two modes for you to choose to fight with other online players. Participating in ranked battles, you will show the strength of a general by defeating opponents. Summon soldiers and use special skills to attack all enemy forces. Climb the leaderboard of the achievements of talented generals. Besides, when participating in challenge mode. You can use your money to bet against other players. Win to get a double bonus amount. However, be cautious in these online wars. Because you never know how strong their power is. Can be easily defeated or lose large amounts of bonuses.Epic Heroes War Mod

In addition to online battles, players also have to fight giant bosses. It usually appears on a weekday. Defeating it will give you a chance to get a lot of rare items and powerful equipment. However, with your strength, you will not be able to defeat the boss. Therefore, Epic Heroes War Mod allows you to team up with other online players. Join the fight to defeat the boss. More than that, if in the process of fighting the boss. Unfortunately, the ward can respawn and continue the battle one more time. With the determination to defeat the boss to receive valuable rewards.