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Tmall is known as an extension of TAOBAO, the largest B2C seller in China. Most of the products presented for sale here have licensed trademarks. With such a modern online shopping application, have you downloaded it to your phone? If not, then please read the article below!

What is Tmall App?


Choosing the right e-commerce platform is a key factor in the success of any entrepreneur. Especially cross-border online sales (Cross-border e-commerce). Where the choice of platform depends on the product type, price and target audience.

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce platforms in China. Popular platforms include Tmall, WeChat, and Pinduoduo. Which, Tmall stands out the most with a large customer market share in Asia.

Tmall application is essentially an e-commerce platform connecting businesses and customers (B2C). Launched by Alibaba Group in 2008.

Products sold here are 100% imported from abroad. Especially focusing on retailing health care products, cosmetics, and mother and baby products. All from well-known licensed luxury brands.

What are the advantages that make users like to use Tmall?

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Easy to buy and sell products

TMALL is a business-to-consumer method of selling like putting a product in a department store. However, it is an online shopping mall that ranks No. 1 in terms of market share so far.

All purchases and sales here are done online and by direct delivery. Users can easily choose to buy a favourite item at a reasonable price. Products will be delivered directly to the buyer by the shipping unit, no matter where they are.

Quality and reputable products

The biggest advantage of Tmall is being trusted by customers to use the product. Alibaba has created this application to help consumers easily access a variety of products from abroad. The quality and brand of products put into business always create absolute trust.

How to download the Tmall application to your phone easily

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Downloading Tmall to your computer is not too difficult. However, among the many fake and fraudulent websites. You should find a reputable address to avoid getting infected with malicious code. So, if you want to download this application to your phone, immediately visit the DESIGNS10 website. This place provides the link to download the official application launched by the publisher Alibaba itself.

  • Step 1: Proceed to click on the link to the website here => DESIGNS10
  • Step 2: Look up the link to download the Tmall application using the search bar.
  • Step 3: Select the iOS or Android download link and install it on your phone.

In addition, DESIGNS10 also provides many other shopping applications for you to shop freely such as eBay, Lazada, Shopee, Aliexpress, etc.

Frequently asked questions about the Tmall app

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System products are sold at the application?

  • The high-end groups include world-class brands such as GUCCI, VIVIEN WESTWOOD, COACH…
  • Featured product groups in each country such as products from Japan, Korea, and Thailand.
  • Direct self-import (TDI) groups are potential products.

Are the in-app purchases fee high?

Stores on Tmall are large, reputable and highly reputable companies. Therefore, items here always have more stable prices than outside.

Is it difficult to download the application to your device?

Downloading the application is not difficult, just follow the steps we have guided. After the application is installed, you just need to create an account and proceed to use it.

What types of businesses are eligible to register on Tmall?

To register your business on Tmall, keep in mind that the platform requires merchants to have official Chinese documents as well as products that have been registered with local authorities. This is why the majority of the international and F500 brands you’ll see on Tmall are already established in China (We can help you register your company in China and obtain a license for your product categories!).

Is Tmall required for goods to be sold in China?

You should be aware that Tmall is China’s most popular e-commerce website, but it is far from the only one! There are numerous e-commerce websites that may be more appropriate for your business in terms of marketing strategies, but primarily in terms of cost. Selling products on Tmall, as the Chinese market leader, can be quite costly, and even unaffordable for many smaller businesses. If your company/brands have the resources to start selling on Tmall right away, we strongly advise you to do so. Your journey will be rewarding if you work on your store, on-site, and off-site marketing.