Download Streamer Life Simulator Mod APK 1.6 (Unlimited Money) – Designs 10

Get a job as a streamer in the gaming industry right on your phone. Streamer Life Simulator creates the opportunity for players to become famous very easily. The gameplay is new and attractive, bringing those who are passionate about being a public figure to fulfill their dreams. In the game, there will be a full range of equipment, machines, and tools to support you. For example Camcorders, computers, tripods, etc. Along with many professional video equipment to help you live stream more easily. Choose your character and customize it to your liking. You can change the whole face, hair color, body shape, etc… According to the fashion style, the shape you want. All advertising, star giving, or donate activities are fully simulated exactly like reality. Players will be immersed in the moments of a live broadcast on television.

Download Streamer Life Simulator Mod – Become the number 1 streamer in the world

The system will guide you in every detail, how to act to become a professional streamer. And if you want to be the best streamer in the world, it takes a lot of effort and effort. Streamer Life Simulator Mod has a screen to introduce the features, how to connect the computer with software, webcam, etc… You will have a training session to understand the basics of preparations before starting a live session. In addition, to live work, you can customize your home. Buy a new wardrobe and place it in your bedroom. Design a gas stove to help you cook in your free time and can record vlogs about the life of a streamer. Express your creativity, comedy style. Bringing laughter to the audience. They will give you material and spiritual value. Help players have more motivation to work more efficiently.

Streamer Life Simulator mod apk

Stream your favorite games

Streamer Life Simulator Mod allows you to stream your favorite games very easily. Full of genres from Action, role-playing, racing, sports, adventure, puzzle, etc… Thousands of gameplay of different genres for you to choose from. Need to connect the live streamer software to the game you want to play. If you don’t know this, that’s okay too. The system will have a detailed instruction screen for you. When you go live, you don’t have to play a really good game to attract viewers. The important thing that makes the audience watch your channel more is humor and entertainment. That’s right, the purpose of them watching your program is to relax their mind and relieve stress. So, you create fun things, with funny jokes. Although the game you play does not really sing, the style is humorous,

Game Streamer Life Simulator mod

Build a streamer image

As a public figure, each of your live streams has hundreds or even thousands of viewers. They come from different parts of the world. Therefore, the image when appearing in front of the screen needs to be more refined and adjusted. Dress politely in elegant or casual clothes. Depending on the preferences of each person, there will be appropriate costumes. The appearance of your character can be changed easily. Change skin color, nose type, skin color, etc. Especially, you can stretch your face to your liking. There is a special thing that is for the costumes, the shirt, the pants, etc…. Players can customize colors, textures easily. Express your creativity, unique in each skin set.

Game Streamer Life Simulator mod hack

Earn money easily

To perform live stream work and upgrade equipment and tools every day. You need funding to achieve great things. In addition to making money from donations, live streaming, and advertising brands. Then when you first enter the game, there is a very simple and easy way to make money. That is to enter the required code. The job is simple, the system will give you a very long code sequence, which will contain special characters. The player’s task is to find and record those special characters. Finally, press enters to load the code. Complete 5 times so you will receive a reward of $ 5. However, each day players can only earn a maximum of $ 50 corresponding to 10 plays. But it’s also really easy money.

Streamer Life Simulator mod apk

If you have a dream of becoming a public figure. Passionate about games and want to live stream shows off his skills for everyone to see. Then Streamer Life Simulator will help you nurture and develop your dreams. Starting from zero, empty hands have nothing. Your career is in front of you, try hard to become famous, make a lot of money. Download Streamer Life Simulator Mod to unleash life, burn with passion.