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Bulu Monster Mod is an interesting role-playing game released by Sigma Game Limited with a new style of experience with a funny style. With a long product launch time on Google Play, from 2013 until now the game has obtained a lot of results with more than 5 million downloads along with hundreds of thousands of good quality reviews. The game has attracted a lot of participants with interesting gameplay and sharp graphics that have attracted many people to the game. Currently, the game is developed based on two platforms IOS and Android, making it easy for players to access and download for free.

Download Bulu Monster Mod – Become a Master Monster Trainer

Perhaps the Pokemon cartoon is quite familiar to you or it is even a part of the childhood of many young people today. Not only the popularity of the film but also the harmonious combination between the film’s producer and the attractive background, has attracted a lot of viewers. Following that success, the publisher Sigma Game Limited took inspiration from the movie to make the plot for the Bulu Monster Mod game as well as design and edit it to suit the player. This can be considered as a miniature version of the Pokemon movie, the player’s task is to become a talented monster trainer by collecting and fighting every monster that appears on the map.Dow Bulu Monster Mod

By joining Bulu Monster Mod, players will move on the map until they meet monsters, besides the game’s battle is quite simple, but from the beginning, you will feel very familiar. Entering the battle system will put the monster on a dramatic battlefield, along with the monster’s strength and skills will appear at the bottom of the screen for players to choose when it’s their turn. Please note that you have to pay attention to the actual situation and choose the right skills to fight the enemy, each skill will have its own characteristics that give you different strengths.

Choose a path

In order to increase the fun for players, Bulu Monster Mod arranges the roads for you to move, then you can freely choose the roads you want to go without having to be controlled by the system to be forced to go. road. However, each of your paths will have the same result that is facing the monsters. Depending on the way you will encounter different challenges and monsters. Besides, players need to always be ready to fight because when they encounter monsters, the system will move them to the battlefield. Unlike other games, the game will ask you if you want to fight monsters. So each path is a challenge where you can only choose to keep fighting and win or be defeated.Bulu Monster Mod

Character system

As a game about monsters, surely monsters will be very interesting and unique, Bulu Monster Mod provides players with more than 150 different monsters for you to fight and conquer. Recover how? It is the battles that take place when you have damaged them with a large amount of HP enough to weaken them. Then use the orb called Capture Ball to capture them. However, please note that you must use the orbs that match the strength of each species to conquer those wild monsters.

Power Upgrading

Besides the diverse character system, Bulu Monster Mod allows players to upgrade skills and strength for their monsters. Each monster has different power parameters and special skills, they are displayed in quite a detail to help players easily understand the strength of each species. In the process of participating in the battle, your monsters will receive experience points to be able to advance to a higher level. With each level after leveling up, the health, strength, damage, and speed will be relatively added along with unlocking more fighting skills. Skill is a very important factor to help players easily win against opponents, so you should upgrade them, the highest level of skill is 10.Game Bulu Monster Mod

Quest System

Every day is a new experience, so Hack Bulu Monster offers you a variety of missions after every day of the experience. Your quest will be more interesting after completing the previous one, the harder the challenge, the higher the reward. After completing the mission, the player will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement he achieved when doing the task. For example experience, Bul Points (Currency in Bulu Monster) or rare legendary monsters. In addition, players can search for treasures by interacting with NPCs to receive information and instructions.

Enjoy shopping

When you have money in your hand, you can go to the store and buy the necessary items such as drugs, monsters, … Medicines that work when you use them will help your monsters increase damage to attack, or heal wounds in battle. There are also drugs that help you reduce the enemy’s combat ability when used. Besides, to be able to own rare monsters, players can only find them in the shop. However, their price is also very high, to be able to own you need to spend an amount from 800 to 1000 Bulu Points, their number of stars will be from 1 to 3 and the default is level 5.Tai Bulu Monster Mod

Graphic design

Bulu Monster Mod is designed with sharp 3D graphics, giving players an interesting experience. The image quality is elaborate, meticulous to help players have a realistic look along with the vivid colors of the game to bring harmony and attraction to you. The developer has been very successful in creating characters with monsters designed with impressive shapes. Along with that are impressive colors and skills, combined with flexible moving effects and beautiful skills to help players get more excited when participating.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Bulu Monster Mod on our site, you will experience the exciting feature of unlimited bulu points. With a huge amount of money, players can enter the store to buy the necessary items and can especially unlock all the rare monsters to add to their collection. The game is entertaining to help you have moments of relaxation when participating. Download Bulu Monster Mod to collect and battle other monsters on the battlefield, and pursue your goal of becoming a master monster trainer.