Blast Hero Mod APK 0.19.70 (Menu, Unlimited Money) – Designs 10

An extremely attractive hands-free entertainment game for you this summer. The hectic daily work makes you tired, you don’t have much time to relax. Come to Blast Hero Mod, a quick entertainment game for you. You can join the game in a little time of the break. Just 5-10 minutes is enough to give you instant stress relief. You can play on the bus or on a break from work or study. With fast gameplay but highly effective for you. The journey to destroy the monsters is waiting for you ahead. Published by the extremely famous and familiar game maker VOODOO. The company produces extremely entertaining games with simple, easy-to-understand gameplay. You can understand how to play easily when you first join.

Blast Hero Mod – Air Battle

Blast Hero Mod is published by an extremely reputable publisher. Has brought us many interesting and entertaining games. The main gameplay is simple but addictive for users. Has been supported by a large number of gamers around the world. In this game, we will have to fight with monsters flying in the air. With each of his bow and arrow weapons, the journey begins for you. Monsters will range in size from small to larger. You will have to fight stronger monsters through the next levels. The animals have distinct and extremely cunning shapes. Big monsters when you shoot them lower to a certain health level. They cannot yet be defeated and will split into smaller ones. Move your character logically so as not to be hit by these monsters. Will make you have to play from the beginning if you encounter them.

Ear Blast Hero Mod

The game begins

When participating in this game you will play a hero with his crossbow. Monsters that can fly in the air are raging everywhere in our village. You need to take action to save your village. With the crossbow in hand along with his dexterity. You need to destroy all the monsters in a level to get to the next level. These flying monsters will attack you by rushing to the ground. Rush at a very fast speed, the more difficult levels will be both fast and lots of monsters rushing down. You will move your character above a certain limit. In Blast Hero Mod your weapon will fire automatically, you don’t need to press any button. Your only job is to focus and pay attention to move your character. You can also upgrade your character and give you more power.

Game Blast Hero Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Blast Hero Mod has simple gameplay with minimalist graphics. Wishing to bring players the smoothest experience. The publisher has optimized the game to a certain extent so that it can be suitable for all types of phones. They are published on both Android and iOS operating systems. The game is created on the 2D game platform. Takes a very small amount of traffic to your phone. The colors in the game have a fresh color gamut. Helps to recharge you full of energy to continue a new day. Details in the game are made quite clearly. You can see monsters or castles in the background. Reproduced in a fairly detailed way. The game’s sound system brings fun music when you join the game. Combined with the game’s graphics system will bring you the best experience.

Blast Hero Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you download the Blast Hero game Mod version. In this game, money will be quite important for you to use. You will receive coins that are dropped when successfully killing monsters. This money will be used to upgrade everything in the game store. It takes a lot of money to become the strongest. With this Unlimited Money Mod feature, you will become powerful easily. You can upgrade, buy anything you like without worrying about the price. When your money is now unlimited